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Printed Circuit Board Fabrication Services

Camptech II Circuits has A over 30 years of experience in circuit board fabrication, so we understand your challenges well, which allows us to support our customers better than most printed circuit board manufacturers. This makes us the natural choice as your supplier of rigid and flexible printed circuit boards.

Knowledge & Expertise

A higher caliber of service

and an unrelenting attention to quality.

Camptech Circuits specializes in the manufacturing and fabrication of flexible, rigid-flexible, single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer rigid printed circuit boards (up to 30 layers).

A top quality product, excellent service, competitive pricing and on time delivery makes Camptech II Circuits Inc. the ideal partner for all your PCB needs.

Receive a quote within an hour by simply providing us with:

  1. Number of layers
  2. PCB thickness
  3. PCB finish
  4. Soldermask color
  5. Silkscreen color


– 1 to 30 Layers Rigid PCB’s
– 1 to 10 Layers Flexible PCB’s
– Multilayer Rigid-Flexible PCB’s
– Aluminum backing PCB’s
– 1 to 5 days delivery

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– UL approved
– Helps to reduce your costs
– Ensures your quality control
– Service oriented
– Attentive to your requirements



In order to make sure that you receive quality products, we have implemented and follow strict quality assurance and quality control standard, which is registered to ISO 9001.


Receive a PCB fabrication quote
in as fast as 1 hour.



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