Several PCB laminate material manufacturers offer halogen-free laminates and prepregs with varying performance, electrical, physical, and thermal properties.

A Printed Circuit Board material that does not contain halogen elements (Chlorine, Bromine, Fluorine) above a certain threshold is considered Halogen-free.

For many years, Brominated Flame Retardants (BFRs) have been used in electronic products to diminish the risk of fire-related injury and damage, however, a growing number of companies are selecting Halogen-free PCBs due to environmental, market and legislative factors.

Typically, the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) of halogen-free PCB laminate materials is lower than regular PCBs. In addition, they generally have higher T-288 times and Td temperatures so they can withstand higher reflow temperatures and reflow cycles.

Find out the main differences between 5 of the most commonly used halogen-free printed circuit board laminates.

EMCPanasonicPanasonicNAN YANAN YA
ProductEM-370(D)R-1566W / R-1551WMeg2 (R-1577 / R-1570)NPG-150NNPG-170N
TypeHalogen Free High Tg EpoxyHalogen Free High Tg EpoxyHalogen Free High Tg EpoxyHalogen Free Mid Tg EpoxyHalogen Free High Tg Epoxy
IPC-4101E/127 /128 /130/127 /128/127 /128 /130/127 /128/127 /128
Lead Free Process CompatibleYesYesYesYesYes
Halogen FreeYesYesYesYesYes
UL ApprovedYesYesYesYesYes
Flammability UL94V-0V-0V-0V-0V-0
Tg – Glass Transition Temp
ºC (DSC)
Td – Decomposition Temp ºC (TGA)385350380350360
Dk 1 GHz4.104.604.143.8 – 4.04.1 – 4.3
Dk 2-3 GHz
Dk 10-12 GHz4
Df 1 GHz0.0110.0100.0100.011-0.0130.009-0.012
Df 2-3 GHz
Df 10-12 GHz0.0150.013
Moisture Absorption (%)0.10%0.14%0.14%0.20-0.30%0.20-0.30 %
CTE Z Axis (ppm/ºC) Pre Tg40403430 – 5030-50
% CTE Z Axis (50-200ºC)0.022
Highest of CTE X, Y Axis (PPM/ºC) Pre Tg1515161313
Number of Lamination Cycles7
Peel Strength – 1oz (35μm)0.788 kN/m1.8 kN/m1.3 kN/m1.40 kN/m1.23 kN/m – 1.57 kN/m
T288 (with copper)60 min.3 min.25 min.5 min.5 min.
Flexural modulus0.46 GPa – 0.50 GPa23 GPa
Volume Resistivity1×1010 MΩ – cm1×109 MΩ – cm
Surface Resistivity1×108 MΩ
Dimensional stability X-Y axis0.01-0.03 %0.01-0.03 %

In sum

The increasing demand for environmental-friendly PCBs is driving the need for halogen-free PCB laminate materials. With a variety of manufacturers and products to choose from, the evaluation and the selection process could be time-consuming. But in this article, you can quickly see a comparison of the key characteristics of a few of the most widely used halogen-free materials. 

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