PCB Parts Procurement

Trusted Parts. Reliable Performance.

Camptech PCB manufacturing

Electronic parts are the critical building blocks of circuit assemblies. And, the integrity of the supply chain and the quality of parts (through our Counterfeit Policy & Prevention program) will impact the performance and reliability of your boards.

So, Camptech only buys from authorized component distributors, which include: Digi-Key, Arrow Electronics, AventAnalog Devices, Future Electronics, Newark, Mouser Electronics, Rochester ElectronicsChip 1 Stop, ST MicroelectronicsTTI, Texas InstrumentsVerical.

To ensure component durability, quality & performance, resulting in the optimal functioning of your circuit boards, we will purchase your components from authorized distributors by default.

If your project has a very limited budget and you need to switch to self-selected suppliers, which offer relatively lower prices on components than authorized distributors, we will buy from your recommended suppliers to help you bring down the production price. Please respect that we will not guarantee the quality and performance of components purchased from your recommended channels.

Electronic Parts for PCB Assembly

Want to save money and avoid the inconvenience of buying parts?

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