High Speed and RF PCB Materials Comparison Table

Choosing the right material is an essential part of a high-speed PCB design and fabrication process. PCB materials with the necessary performance characteristics contribute to the optimal performance of high-speed circuit assemblies. Maintaining the signal integrity of high-speed digital signals necessitates the use of PCB material capable of this.

Generally, PCB materials with greater stability (low and stable Dk values at high frequencies and temperatures) will support high-speed boards with low distortion of the higher-order harmonic signal components.

PCB material characteristics such as low loss and dissipation factor (Df) at higher frequencies are key criteria to look for in materials for high-speed digital circuits.

When you’re designing a PCB for a high-speed or RF application PCB, a careful comparison of the electrical and mechanical characteristics of PCB materials can help you select the right base material for your PCB.

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