PCB fabrication cheap PCB assembly servicesManufacturing cost reduction and profitability go hand in hand. Moreover, a company with a comparatively lower cost structure has an advantage over its competitors. But lower manufacturing cost is not always easy to achieve and could involve a number of strategies including the purchase of more efficient but costly capital equipment. So, diminishing costs usually involve capital expenditure or increased short term expenditure. This presents a challenging situation for many companies and involves an increase in the risk profile.

But right now there is a practical and achievable cost reduction option available to US companies. With the continued weakness of the Canadian dollar compared to the U.S. dollar, U.S companies can realize a significant discount on their PCB fabrication and printed circuit board assembly costs and thereby diminishing their manufacturing costs.

Currently, the exchange rate between the currencies is around 1.40.
That means each U.S. dollar is equivalent to $1.40 Canadian dollars.

If you are considering buying or are presently buying your PCBs from China, then you may benefit by obtaining pricing from Canadian PCB manufacturers and assembly houses.

Canada is a potential source for low-cost PCB fabrication and cheap PCB assembly services for companies in the United States.

And considering the trade relationship between the two countries, printed circuit boards and assemblies can be easily and speedily  imported into the U.S.