Prototype PCB Fabrication & Quick turn PCB Assembly Services

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Camptech PCB manufacturing

Design to Delivery in about 2 weeks.

Includes: PCB Fabrication + Parts Procurement + PCB Assembly

PCB Prototype & Prototype PCB assembly

Having PCB prototypes made is a part of the best practices approach to product design. Using prototypes plays an essential and cost-effective way to capture and identify design issues before potentially large investment and expense of production.

Our No minimum quantity prototype services include:

  • FREE DFM service (Design for Manufacturing)
  • Your choice of solder mask color
  • Aluminum, flexible, rigid-flex PCBs
  • Component sourcing
  • Turnkey PCB assembly

Getting your product to market is essential if you want to stay ahead of your competition and generate much-needed revenues. But before selling your products, you need to get a sense of confidence in your PCB assembly – a proof of concept to evaluate your PCB design before proceeding with production.

Considering the time constraints that exist, the PCB prototype phase has to be completed quickly because a lot depends on it. And, often more than one prototype build needs to be done before all design issues have been resolved. This could get very expensive and consume valuable time.

Camptech Circuits will provide you with a quick-turn and a cheap price for your PCB prototype & PCB assembly needs. You can depend on our friendly and dependable customer service and honest communication.

We provide prototype and production PCBs to aerospace, medical, and automotive and you can be comfortable knowing that your boards will be built with the quality that you expect in the time frame that you need.

Don't Take Risks When Ordering Your PCBs

Camptech takes the risk out of ordering PCBs. Big on capabilities. Small in price. Exceptional quality.

Companies have trusted and depended on Camptech to manufactured their PCBs.

Here’s why:


We purchase PCB’s from Camptech Circuits for the last 5 years. Our boards are high complexity 6 to 20 layers with controlled impedance and Gigabit differential signals. Excellent quality, price, and customer service. Thank you Camptech! Highly recommended.



Victor Tsonev

RF Engineer, Cisco Systems


 Camptech II circuits have been our reliable supplier for our pcb needs, from prototyping to production volumes for more than 15 years. Excellent quality pcbs and a customer service at a very competitive price. We do appreciate their valuable service and commitment to have the job done right, on time and on budget.

Keenson Lam

Purchaser, Absopulse Electronics


Top-notch quality for producing PCB boards of many different styles and requirements. Very nice customer service, and are extremely helpful.






Brandon Dudley

Electrical Technologist


 Camptech has been a preferred vendor of mine for almost 30 years. From their quotes, to confirming purchase orders, to manufacturing our boards, Camptech has excelled in every area. I am happy to have been partnered with them for such a long period of time. I give them a 5 star recommendation!


Mary Johnson

Purchasing Manager